London Southbank on a Snowy Morning - Heather Bailey Art

London Southbank on a Snowy Morning

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The South Bank, stark and deserted, not a soul in sight.  We experienced a cold snap with fresh layer of snow in February 2021.

You can almost feel the cold and isolation, the crisp sound of snow under your feet and the muffled sound that snow gives to the environment.  The only hint of warmth is the glow from the lights.

The dolphin lamps have always been the star of the show.  Everyone who's seen these lights recognises the Thames Embankment and London.

I've used blues and greys with only a touch of yellow.  I hope you feel the quiet and the cold.

I have a family connection to this painting.  A painting of Cleopatra's Needle hung in my husband's grandparents home in South Africa, and now hangs at his brother's house in Australia.

The painting must have been old enough that I'm sure the lights were gas lights. It was painted at night.  And although the Needle seems to be the focal points it's these lights that are the star. I've always wanted to make a more contemporary version of that painting, that shows the lights glowing but isn't set in the heaviness of night. 

This original is also available in print

 Medium Oil
Support Board
Size 40x40cm