About Heather Bailey

My art is found in my surroundings.  Where I've lived has played an important part in my works.

I'm African, Zimbabwean born and raised in South Africa.  The open African sky, warm sun, space, light, red dust, thunderstorms and rolling hills are a source of inspiration.  

I grew up on the Natal South Coast in South Africa and the winelands of Cape Town. Both bring back memories of the sea, sand, surfing and care free life.  The winelands, fruit, labour, sun, farmlands and joy.  And who can lose their love for Table Mountain, fynbos and the people of Cape Town.

Moving with my family to Pretoria brought a new pallete.  I lost my fear of thunder and lightning, enjoying the smell and taste of rain that arrives like clockwork every day in summer.  I started to enjoy a different kind of mountain, the Magaliesberg. And I was privileged to see many many wild animals beyond the big five.

I now live with my family in Hampshire in the UK.  The historic homes are unlike any I've seen.  The fields, hedgerows and villages are all exciting discoveries for me.  It takes a while but eventually you realise English weather is part of the charm.  The light that falls through woodland trees.  The subdued light, the subtle greys and the vibrant wildflowers in spring.

I studied Fashion Design and Art in Pretoria, South Africa. But I've been painting and creating since I was in junior school.

I get into the zone when I'm painting and pour my soul into my work. I draw inspiration from what's around me, the colours and the textures.

I paint in acrylics and oils on canvas.  With large brush strokes, paint dribbles, paint flows, glue, varnish.  All with the aim to create interest in colour and texture that communicates the landscape that I can see.