About Heather Bailey

Heather is an artist whose work is a reflection of the natural beauty that surrounds her. Having lived in different parts of Africa and now residing in the UK, her artwork draws inspiration from the landscapes and environments of the places she has called home.

Growing up in South Africa, Heather was influenced by the vast open skies, warm sun, rolling hills, red dust, and thunderstorms that created a unique palette of colors and textures. Memories of the sea, sand, surfing, and the carefree life on the Natal South Coast, as well as the winelands of Cape Town, with its fruit, farmlands, and Table Mountain, are all evident in her art.

When Heather's family moved to Pretoria, she discovered a new range of colors and textures. The smell and taste of rain in the summer and the thrill of encountering wild animals beyond the big five became sources of inspiration. The Magaliesberg mountain range also played a significant role in shaping her artistic style.

Now residing in Hampshire, UK, Heather finds inspiration in the historic homes, fields, hedgerows, and villages of her current surroundings. Over time, she has come to appreciate the unique charm of the English weather, with its subdued light, subtle greys, and vibrant wildflowers in spring, which are reflected in her artwork.

Heather studied Fashion Design and Art in Pretoria, South Africa, and has been actively creating art since her early school days. Working primarily with acrylics and oils on canvas, she immerses herself deeply in the creative process, pouring her soul into each piece. Through bold brush strokes, flowing paint, and varnish, Heather aims to convey the colors and textures of the landscapes she observes.

In summary, Heather's artwork is an expression of her experiences and emotions, showcasing the natural beauty of the places she has lived. From the vibrant colors of Africa to the nuanced tones of the UK, her art captivates viewers with its heartfelt depiction of the world around her.