I'm happy to accept commissions.

How I work with commissions


Firstly, please contact me.

This way we can have a quick chat. I'd like to get to know about:

  • What you like - a quick browse through my portfolio will help us narrow that down.
  • The space - where you'd like the painting to hang, the size, colours, dimensions.
  • Your budget - my commissions depend on the size and medium and we'll be able to match those to your space and budget.  If this is a gift then I'm happy to discuss the budget with you, and then do the rest with whoever you gift the commission to.

It may be helpful to have a look around your house thinking about what colours you are drawn to.  If you want to get an idea of the size of painting cut out some newsprint and see how that fits on the wall.


Now that I know, what you like, my colour pallet and the size I can go away and paint.  This takes anything from 3-6 weeks.  If you have an urgent deadline, then let me know in advance.


When I'm finished I'll send you pictures of the work via email.  If you live close to my studio and would love to see it in person, then you are more than welcome.  Based on your feedback I'll see if there are changes that need to be made.  My aim is for you to love your artwork.

I'll also discuss how best to frame the work and give some recommendations. I can arrange this if needed.


Lastly, I'll ship your painting to you using our courier.

And really lastly, you'll have my work on your wall and my hope is that it brings joy and life to your space.