Unveiling the Hidden Meanings: Flowers Full of Raging Anger


As an artist, I explore the use of symbols and colors to express my deepest emotions. Hidden meanings within serene landscapes and still life paintings have always fascinated me. Recently, I developed an intriguing concept: creating a bouquet of flowers that conveys "I'm angry and pissed off."

Symbolism holds great power. In Victorian England, the thistle represented pain, aggression, and intrusion. Receiving a bouquet with thistles served as a warning against meddling in others' affairs. The butterfly weed, too, carries a strong message. Sending it implies a desire to end a relationship - a clear statement of "Leave me." Through these symbols, I can leave hidden codes in my paintings, adding layers of meaning.

My artistic exploration led me to my wild garden, which has become my canvas. It stands in defiance of manicured lawns and uniform plants. Though some dismiss it as untidy or lazy, they fail to grasp the courage required to actively encourage wildlife in our increasingly disconnected world. My wild garden now serves as a sanctuary for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, highlighting the delicate balance of ecosystems and the urgent need for biodiversity.

Throughout this journey, I've realized the dichotomy within the gardening world. While some seek control and conformity, I've embraced a natural and diverse approach. It is a rebellion against the idea of mastering nature, instead allowing it to flourish in its own unique way. Understanding the importance of preserving the untamed beauty of wildflowers and native plants has been a gradual process, fostering a haven for life to thrive.

I am not surprised that my favorite flowers symbolize anger and exhibit a hostile and aggressive nature: sunflowers, daisies, thistles, butterfly weed, and yarrow. They have taught me that hidden meanings lie beneath the surface, waiting to be unveiled and understood. Through my artwork and wild garden, I hope to challenge societal norms, inviting others to appreciate the complexities of nature and the untamed emotions within us all. As you encounter a seemingly serene garden or artwork, take a moment to embrace the hidden meanings and thepassionate beauty that lies within.

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