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I'm so happy to share my latest artwork with you. It's like a piece of my heart painted on a canvas—a 60x90cm oil painting of my own wedding bouquet. Can you believe it? The day Dwayne and I said "I do" feels like just yesterday, but here we are, 24 years later, eagerly counting down to our Silver Wedding anniversary. Time truly flies!

Being a visual person, I've always found comfort in having physical reminders of our happy day. It's a way to transport myself back to that magical moment when we exchanged vows and embarked on this incredible journey together. And now, Wedding season seems to be hitting me all over again, but in a different way.

Nowadays, I've reached the coveted status of "friend of the mother of the bride." It's a special position that allows me the privilege of being way too emotionally invested in all the wedding choices. From the dress to the decorations, I offer my artistic consultancy whether it's wanted or not! 

As some of you may know, I originally studied Fashion Design and Art, and in the past year, I've set a personal record for dressmaking. I've created a wedding dress, five bridesmaids' dresses, a prom dress, five wedding guest dresses, and two dresses for the brides' party (yes, that's totally a thing—the bride needs a comfy dress to party and dance in!). It's become a tradition in my family. My children and nieces have all learned that they are entitled to a new dress for every occasion, and I'll keep creating until they tell me otherwise.

I'd like to extend this invitation to you. If you're interested, I would be absolutely thrilled to create a personalized painting of your own wedding bouquet. Just send me an email with a picture and any personal information you'd like to include. Together, we can capture the essence of your special day and turn it into a cherished work of art.

Let's celebrate love, memories, and art. Join me on this journey as we create something truly unique and meaningful. I can't wait to embark on this artistic adventure with you. Send me an email, and let's bring your wedding bouquet to life on canvas!

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